Saturday, September 25, 2010


The Piano Duet Festival was today and the boys did great!!! They do not allow video to be taken at the festival though - so the only clip I have of them is from my mom's recital last week, and it wasn't their best. I can only blame myself though - the past 3 weeks have been probably the very busiest of my life - which means that I do things only when they absolutely need to be done (i.e. laundry when there are no clean socks in the house, dishes when we are out of spoons) - this is also the reason the blog has not been updated forever. Anyway, I taught Ethan the last of his duets the morning of the recital, which meant the boys hadn't played it together very much. Here is one of the songs - Phantom of the Opera (the perfectionist in me is cringing at showing you this unperfect performance - but this might be the last time they perform together since Miles thinks he has "quit" piano).

I should have mentioned - besides playing two duets with Miles, Ethan also played a concerto (with me) and two more duets with his cousin - and got SUPERIOR ratings on all!!!

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Michele Alger said...

Wow! great job, especially for Miles not knowing all of his songs till that morning. Impressive! The boys and I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing this "imperfect piece" with us ;-)