Thursday, September 30, 2010

feeling left out...

Ethan is the only kid that has not used his insurance card since we switched companies last month. I guess he must have felt a little left out. Today when the school called - it was about him. He had put his tooth through his lip and they thought it might need stitches. I ran across the street and got him, but I was more worried about his tooth, then his lip. His tooth (permanent) was wiggly - so I called the dentist. He had us come right up and he x-rayed it - IT IS FINE (I am paranoid because of the permanent tooth that I lost after being hit in the face with a basketball - I still don't like that sport)! He said the lip was borderline stitches, but he didn't think it was necessary - Ethan opted for NO stitches. It is quite sore (and hard for him to eat), but he was able to choke a Dairy Queen Blizzard down before I took him back to school.

I do want to give a shout out to our WONDERFUL dentist - not only does he have a TV on the ceiling and headphones so the kids can watch cartoons, but he didn't even charge us for today - he wouldn't even let me pay for the x-ray's. So if anyone reading lives here and is looking for a great dentist - CHASE WILLIAMS is really, really good!!! While I am on that tangent - I also need to give a big thanks to JASON YORK for fixing a cabinent door (one that I didn't think was possible to fix - I had actually called him to see if he could build me another one) - that Abby broke (shattered actually). He did incredible work (he also did my parent's kitchen remodel - absolutely beautiful) - and again he wouldn't let me pay him. THANK YOU!!!

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Michele Alger said...

Wow, and OUCH! You know you are amazing to keep up with so many things going on, don't you?! You are being so blessed for your efforts! Thanks for sharing.