Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have a genius child - I am not sure which one - I am pretty sure it is one of the twins. Someone in my house set the answering machine on our home phone yesterday - a feat that I have been trying to do since we got the phone (3 years ago). The phone manual got lost somewhere in the move (meaning that we moved and it didn't) - so I have gone through every menu on the phone trying to figure out how to change from the message that came on the machine. If you haven't called me the last couple of days, you have really missed out - the message is just background noise - I think you could hear breathing, then footsteps, a little talking and even a child playing the piano. Everyone who has called has left messages telling me about the strange message (as well as commenting that they hope this is an answering machine they are talking to). So tonight I spent an hour finding the phone manual online and resetting the message - so for anyone that has an Uniden DECT1580-2 - it is simple, all you do is push MUTE, then 5, then 8, then record your message, then push 8 again. Yep - so simple a child can do it!!!

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