Monday, March 8, 2010

Piano Recital

Well - it is that time of the year again - Music Festival!!! The competition is next Saturday, but my mom had a recital yesterday as kind of a "dress rehersal" for the big day. The boys did a great job - their mom hasn't sat on top of them as much as she would have liked to do - but they both pulled it off.

Ethan is up for his gold cup this year - since you can't hear him introduce his songs very well - I will tell you that he is playing "Trumpet Tune" by Gurlitt and "Race across the Serengeti" by Roubos

Miles is playing "Minuet" by Mozart and "Kool Dudes" by Myette (look for the sunglasses on the "Kool Dudes" song - he didn't put them on until after he turned around, but he sure looked like a "Kool Dude")


Jeff & Rebecca said...

Hi Heidi!! Fun Piano videos. The boys are growing up! Hey, do you still have my email? we're heading to St. George this weekend, and are hoping to stop by and say hello! Send me a note, some way to get a hold of you! Thanks -- Rebecca

Heidi Gilmore said...

Rebecca -
I switched email addresses and didn't transfer my address book - could you send me an email (I am hoping that you check this again). My email address is - we would love to see you this weekend.