Friday, March 12, 2010

More "duck" friends come to visit

We had visitors today - some of our best friends from the Oregon Law School Days. It was just short visit and we didn't have time to catch up on everything that has happened in the last 5 years but it was so good to see them. And guess what - they have twins too - only a month older than Paige and Piper. Here are Rebecca and I with our arms full of babies - from left to right - Piper, Paige, Matthew and Audrey.
Now, for some reminiscing - I went through old pictures and found some great ones. I love this next picture - it has got to be one of my favorite alltime. This was taken at Miles 3rd birthday party - the theme was Nemo and he loved puzzles so he was so excited about this present. He was helping me go through these pictures earlier and said - "Oh - she gave me that puzzle - I still have it" (in fact, he just helped Abby put it together). So anyway - here are Miles and Hallie, almost 6 years ago.
Here they are today - yeah, I am not sure who is more happy to have their picture taken - Hallie, Ethan or Miles. We didn't have enough time for them to warm up to one another, so Rebecca and Jeff, if you read this - we will have to get together again sometime. What would be really great would be to have a LDS Oregon Law School Reunion:)

Here are more "before pictures". This is our first Halloween in Eugene - the kids are 2 (might I add that I spent days making this costume)

Another Halloween picture - the next year when the kids are 3 (this is the last year of the homemade costumes).

Miles, Trinity, Jocelyn and Hallie - I think this was the start of Frank's 2nd year of law school - Fall 2004?

Here are Abby and Nicolas (he is more interested in the rocks than playing with Abby) - Nicolas was born a couple months before they moved and Abby was born after we left Oregon - but they actually ended up playing more together than the big kids did.

Hallie with Piper and Abby- she is a beautiful girl (and was more willing to smile when we weren't forcing her to pose with the boys)

I really tried to get a good shot of Miles and Hallie - I thought that maybe they would be more comfortable with a baby in their arms - still didn't work quite like I had envisioned in my mind.

Our families have sure grown since the Oregon days - we went from having 3 kids between us to the 9 pictured here. I was so blessed to have such great friends during that busy time. Thanks for coming to visit us - we need to get together again!!!

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Jeff & Rebecca said...

Super cute pictures Heidi! I love those ones from when they were little! It was great to see you guys! We'd love to see you again, and hopefully give the kids a chance to warm-up!