Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We have a princess living here

This is Christmas morning - Santa brought Abby her very first dress-up outfit - Snow White. Since then we have worn it almost daily and I am not exaggerating.
Here are Miles and "Snow White" at the Pinewood Derby.

This is a different night - I had put her to bed in only pajama's and this is what I tucked in before I went to bed.
Well, Grandma Gilmore gave Abby some money for her birthday and guess what she picked out - yep, a Cinderella dress-up, so now if Snow White is dirty (the only way I can get her to wear something else) she can be Cinderella.
Well - after 3 months we are still in the "princess phase" - any guesses on how much longer we have to go?


Jenny said...

I've decided girls truly are born caring about what they wear and knowing that they are truly princesses.

I'll be in Cedar City for Easter. I really want to come see you. I need to see the twins before they aren't babies anymore.

destiny said...

Sorry to say that you could be in the princess phase for a long time to come. It sounds like it's pretty intense right now. I love how the shoes are right next to her! We need to visit! I need to call you and see when your Spring Break is!

Sara said...

The princess phase is so much fun! Erin is moving out of it, but still breaks out her Cinderella dress every once in a while--her second one because the first one got too small, and this one is way above the ankles now too.

Sara said...

P.S. Pierce said Miles's car was awesome! And he wanted to know how he did in the race.

The Hojnackes said...

Hey, Heidi! I am going up to Provo for my sister's senior recital next month. Maybe we can get together then. You should call me. I have the same number still.

Heidi Gilmore said...

Sara - I need to get your email - I switched accounts and didn't transfer my address book - Miles did OK at the pinewood derby - he had tons of fun, but only won one race - the car actually got better with races though. After the derby, they let the kids race the cars just for fun and his car started to do quite well. I was so worried before the actual derby that the wheels would fall off so i told him not to race it unless it was for real - I guess I was wrong. Oh well. I will have to post more pictures of that night - it was a good looking car (he called it the duckmobile). How is school? Is this your third year? Send me an email if you have any time - my address is heididgilmore@gmail.com