Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I haven't had Abby's pictures professionally taken for a really long time (like since she was 3 months old) - so we went to Walmart yesterday and this is what we came home with!

A lot of these poses she came up with herself - she is a natural! I am very proud of myself for actually getting to this appointment - Paige and Piper took turns screaming at me while I was trying to do Abby's hair - so I was going back and forth between kids, calming one child down then rushing back to try to find Abby to curl another section of her hair before the next baby would fuss. By the time we got in the car with Piper (I only could manage one of the babies for this outing, so Grandma got to watch Paige for an hour), I realized that Miles was still home - I had sent him to scouts 10 minutes earlier, so I found his shoes and got him in the car. By then, Abby was crying because we "forgot" Paige. I got Abby calmed down by giving her lip gloss and dropped Miles off at scouts. By the time we got to Walmart after waiting in traffic - yes, traffic in Cedar (there was a fire so lanes were closed) - we were 15 minutes late for our 30 minute appointment. I was completely frazzled, but the pictures turned out great! I am not so sure that I will ever adjust to 5 kids though - I had just got to the point that 3 was manageable. Oh well. . .


The Hojnackes said...

Abby is so pretty!

susieq said...

I haven't posted in a while!! So, this may get long! First, the twins are so cute in their professional pictures! I love that Piper is sleeping - cracks me up!!

Miles is getting so big! My boys both still help to cook and you can tell Miles that Henry can teach him how to make spaghetti sauce from scratch sometime! Also, I wish we could've seen the kids when they were here at Lake Tahoe!! Maybe next time.

Heidi - don't ever be afraid to ask for help! My gosh, we all need it and we're all here to help! You've done so much for other people your whole life!! It's ok to get some help back! I'm glad you realize it and can admit it. Hello, I'm Heidi and I need help! ha ha ha

Abby looks so cute!! She looks like the angel that she is! I love all your kids and miss you guys! I hope you're doing well. One of these days Christelle and I want to come out and see you!! We'll let you know if we can co-ordinate the visit!

We love you!


The Malcom Family said...

i was so excited to hear from you I tried calling your but, I always managed to do it when you were subing. I am so sorry I am a crappy friend I should have tried harder but, unfortunatly i let my life get in the way which in my world is very easy to do. Please though lets get together when you are feeling up to it I know you have your hands full, also if you ever need help with anything at all even filling up you car with gas please please call me! I love you and I remember you in my prayers cause truley you deserve the very best! (586-0513) Laura your loser friend!!

simpson said...

Hi Heidi,
Sue told me about your blog this morning. (I hope that's ok). Love the pictures of Abby and the whole blog actually. The babies are adorable. It sounds like your doing well. We miss you.