Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well - I have just realized that Piper doesn't like it when I eat chocolate. She gets very gassy and the only thing that will calm her down is to feed her again. So for the sake of my sleep - I have now given up chocolate (yes - I value sleep more than chocolate). I did cheat the other day - just because I can't believe that one food would affect her so much - and had some zucchini bread with chocolate chips, but even the 3-4 chocolate chips that I ate got her quite upset with me. At least she doesn't mind peanut butter!

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Kelly said...

Hi there! I finally have time to get on facebook and others blogs to see what the great people I knew in high school are doing. I have wondered about you and it is great to see what you are doing from fb and your blog.

I have to say that for my 2nd son I had to give up chocolate too. I never even liked it much until I couldn't have it anymore - now I'm a big fan.

My neighbor named her daughter Piper too.