Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Photo Shoot!!!

I took advantage of having only 2 kids this week (Miles, Ethan and Abby are with their dad at his family reunion) and got the twins pictures taken. Here are some of the best shots!
Piper is on the left and Paige is on the right. Piper is usually the one who has a hard time sleeping, but for some reason - she slept through most of the shots (which is a good thing, because she also tends to be the fussier of the two)

I will have to post more later - I have to finish my last paper (due tomorrow) of the summer - I am super excited to be done with my classes for a few weeks and to have the kids back. Hopefully we can cram everything that I wanted to do this summer into the next two weeks before school starts again - wishful thinking:)


The Hojnackes said...

They are SO cute!!!!!!

Jen Barnes said...

They are beautiful! I'm sure it feels easy with only 2 kids, although that is still hard. They look a lot like Abby. Very cute little girls and great pictures.

Jenny said...

They are to precious! I wish I was there to hold them. They are cute enough, I might take one home with me. I'm sure you wouldn't miss just one.