Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Babies Blessings

I really want to be better at this blogging thing, but it seems like days just get away from me. I am trying to use this as my journal, since I have been hit and miss with that as well, so I am going to play catch up and show you what we have been up to the last couple of weeks. Paige and Piper were blessed in church on Labor Day Sunday. They were perfect angels during the meeting, but as you can see from the pictures, there were a few meltdowns before church (in this picture Paige, later on Abby).
The pictures never seem to turn out the way I have them in my head - but I guess when you have 5 kids in a picture, chances are that they are not all going to be looking (or happy for that matter).

Piper is on the left, Paige is on the right. My mom made both the dresses that the girls were wearing. Piper is wearing the dress that I wore when I was blessed, Abby also wore that dress. My mom made the other dress for my sister's girls to wear, so Paige is wearing the same dress that Lainey, Katie and Shawni wore.
I wasn't planning on making a big deal about the blessings, but we had family come from all over the state. It meant a lot to me that family came to support us for this day. Here is Grandma Gilmore with all 10 of her grandchildren (yep, count them - there really are 10). She and Heather (Frank's sister) drove down with the 5 cousins from Salt Lake early that morning and went back after dinner that night. They deserve a medal for that trip!

My Grandma also drove over that morning with my aunt and uncle from Escalante. Here is a four generation photo - by the way, my Grandma is a twin herself, so these great-grandbabies are pretty special to her.

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