Monday, September 21, 2009

"Mommy Clayton Gilmore"

I got the middle name today - by my 2 year old. She wanted candy for desert - after breakfast - and she wouldn't listen to my explanation that we have desert after dinner, not breakfast. It wasn't the right middle name though, so instead of taking her serious, I burst into laughter - which in turn, made her even more angry with me. Miles's middle name is Clayton, and yes - he is my child that gets called by his full name the most (sometimes it seems that my children don't even listen until they hear their middle name), so when Abby was upset with me - she did what she has heard me do when I am upset with the boys - she used a middle name. I wish I could put into words her expression and tone when she used "my" middle name - I guess you will have to use your imagination. She was an early talker and has quite a vocabulary - so I sometimes forget that she is only 2 years old - but then she will come up with something as cute as this and realize how lucky I am to be her mom!


Apryl said...

No candy after breakfast? But whyyyyyyyyy?

Christelle said...

Just for that I that Abby earned dessert after breakfast. You ARE lucky to be her mom, she's precious.

susieq said...

Isn't dessert for ALL times of the day?? I guess I better work on my nutrition.....he he he!!