Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Grandma and Grandpa live across the street from the High School Soccer Fields which has been a lot of fun for the boys - it is a lot better than the back yard for a soccer game, the sprinklers are awesome - but one of the best things is that it was a perfect location for a lemonade stand during the Summer Games. The first day they made almost $15 dollars just one hour! Miles decided that since it was his idea that he was the boss and instead of splitting the money, he got Ethan to agree to just $2.50 for his help (even though they did the same amount of work).
Anyway, we had to have a bit of a talk about the fairness issue - the hard part was that Ethan was just fine with his $2.50 - so Miles arguement was that Ethan only wanted $2.50. After all was said and done though - Miles used his money to buy some new golf clubs. He was in a junior golf program this summer and really enjoyed it - we got his new clubs just in time for his first golf tournament.

Here are the new clubs!

And here he is in the tournament!

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