Friday, June 12, 2009


Miles was baptised June 6th. It is hard for me to believe that he is already 8 - but he is growing so fast right now. I am proud of his decision and of the great little guy he is becoming! Here are some pictures of the big day.
Uncle Michael baptised him and Grandpa Duncan confirmed him. Thank You to both of them!
Miles was so glad that his dad could come - here we are together. Thanks Frank for understanding how important it was to Miles that you were there and then driving all day to get here.

We were grateful for all the family that supported Miles - here he is with my parents (and Uncle Michael)

Here is Miles with Frank's parents (Grandma and Grandpa Gilmore). We also had many aunts and uncles, cousins, primary teachers and even a great-grandpa there to support Miles. Thanks to all - it was a special day for us!

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The Hojnackes said...

It is so nice to see these kids excited about baptism. Ashley was so happy when she got baptized. And Ethan is so big!
Heidi, call me because I want to talk to you about moving to Portland.