Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Today is Miles's Birthday - we have had a whole weekend of celebrations for Miles. It started Friday when he took cupcakes to the Father's and Son's Campout, Saturday he had his friend party, Sunday we had a family dinner/party and Monday was really his birthday. Here are some of the highlights!
We didn't have a big turnout for the friend party - it was a busy day - lots of wards had fathers and sons campouts and baseball started, but Miles had so much fun with the friends there and they were so goofy with just four of them, that I was secretly glad there wasn't more.
If you can't tell - the theme of the party was sports. Miles can't decide what his favorite sport is, so we played them all (in fact - it is quite funny to ask Miles what sports he wants to do in High School, he names nine for sure and a couple other maybe's - good thing we have a few more years to make up our minds)
They played 500! In fact, I tried to get a soccer obsticle course going and they didn't want to do anything else but 500 with the football (oh and have a water fight with the balloons I filled up for water games).
Bakugan is the new favorite at our house - so of course, that is what Ethan gave him, turns out his friends brought the same thing too - overall a great birthday for presents.
The pinata - Miles was actually the one to break it - he has a great baseball swing!
This is the Lego set he got on his bedroom floor on his birthday morning - for some reason he thinks that Lego's need to be finished the day he gets them - it was almost done before school, but we did get it finished before the baseball game that night. He is wearing a Oregon Duck Football Jersey that his dad gave him and a hat that Courtnie gave him - like I said, it was a great birthday for presents! I will post a picture later of his new bike that he bought with the money he got from both sides of grandparents and Opa.

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TAACK said...

Happy Birthday Miles! I'm so glad you started your blog again Heidi. I've missed seeing what your family is up to. And the kids are all getting so big!