Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And he said he didn't like backstroke

Miles did the Utah Summer Games this year - in swimming. He had a great time - the medals didn't hurt either. He earned 2 silvers in the 8 and under category - one in the 100 backstroke (the best race there is) and one in the 200 free (which he lost the gold to the other little boy by less than 1 second). Anyway - they hold the meet in the new college pool - ok, it might not be so new, but it is new to me. It is an olympic size pool (50 meters), so it was a bit intimidating but I was so proud of how well he did. He still tells me that he doen't like backstroke - he likes the breaststroke, which was my absolute worst stroke. Well - we will keep working on it though and maybe next meet we won't be disqualified (he does a scissor kick).
I feel really bad that I don't have a good picture of him swimming - I have a great excuse though. It is very hard to take pictures of him swimming when I am holding a wiggling child in my other arm. The only time that Abby would hold still was when I was taking a picture of her - so here she is - she was not the angel she looks like here during the meet. It was exhausting to have her there, but I love her anyway. I am sure we will have more meets soon and I will get some swimming pictures then.


Christelle said...

Good job Miles! If we could combine Miles and Henry it would be perfect because Henry only like the backstroke. I think it's because it's the only stroke he's really comfortable with. Heidi, you would be proud of Olivia and Henry and how they swim now. They are in swimming lessons and every so often I hear Henry tell his teacher "I know Heidi already told me" (so I had to explain who Heidi is). so you see, He might not have looked like it but he really was paying attention.
We miss you guys, let us know how you are doing.

susieq said...

Yea Miles!! I'm so glad you guys are having a good summer! It looks like everyone is getting in on the action with Abby being herself, Miles swimming and Ethan helping with the lemonade stand!!

We miss you guys when we go up to Lake Tahoe. We found a crawdad that was missing one claw! It was weird! Thanks for keeping us all up to date Heidi. I hope you are doing well and will let us know when the next two additions arrive! Stay cool in the heat!


Jen Barnes said...

Hey lady,
Heard the babes were born! Looking forward to seeing pictures. Wish I was there to help you. I'm sure they are little angels. I love the names. And what big babies! I was 6lbs3oz and my sister was 5lb13oz. I've never heard of such big twins until now. I hope they are super easy going babies :)
Lots of love from your friends here!