Monday, January 9, 2012

She is 5!

January is a good time to set yet ANOTHER goal to keep my blog up to date - right?  Well - I am not promising to go back and fill in all I missed last year (although I really want too since this blog has turned into both my journal and the kids scrapbook), but I am going to keep it up to date this year. 
Miss Abby turned 5 last week - we celebrated a day early since I had to work on her birthday.   She had a great day and we got to have the birthday party at grandma's and grandpa's with Lainey, Katie and Shawni.  She wanted a polka dot cake - this is what we came up with.

 Abby got some GREAT presents this year - thanks everyone!  Her dad got her a Leappad, I got her a game to go with it, Miles, Ethan, Paige and Piper got her a journal, Grandma and Grandpa Duncan got her this dress and the Larson's gave her a super cute shirt with a matching scarf and headband.
Abby is so happy to be 5 - but a bit disappointed that she didn't get to start kindergarten on her birthday (she thought that since you went to kindergarten when you were five that you should start on your birthday - Miles had to break it to her that she had to wait until after summer to be in kindergarten).  She is now looking forward to being 6 - as we were walking out the door Sunday to go to church she commented that she couldn't wait to be 6 because then her shoes would fit :) 
Abby keeps us laughing here - we love her and are glad she had such a special day!


The Hojnackes said...

Natalie was disappointed that she didn't get to go to kindergarten on her 5th birthday as well. Funny, isn't it? I can't believe how quickly Abby is growing up!

Christelle said...

She is too cute. I remember when she was born! I miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

The girls are growing up fast, I miss having them over! Happy Birthday to Abby!