Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We are home!!! Everything went great this morning - I woke Paige up just before 6 this morning as we were leaving. We got checked into the hospital really quickly - which almost was a problem, as we had to sit in our room for over 1/2 hour before they were ready for her in the operating room. There was a sink in our room and Paige REALLY wanted a drink, but (with much effort) I was able to keep her distracted and relatively happy. A nurse came in to take Paige back and she did cry a bit, but that nurse came right back to say she only fussed for a minute then she was fine. I sat in the room for the next 1/2 hour, pretending to do homework and praying. Next thing I knew, the surgeon came in and said everything went great! He still didn't know what the "object" was, but he said it was only in the fatty layer of the skin and had not attached to any muscles. The pathology results will be back when we go see the doctor for a follow-up next Tuesday. A couple minutes later some nurses brought Paige back in - that was the hardest part of the morning. She was crying and the breathing tube that they had put in during the surgery had made her hoarse, so she didn't sound like herself. She stopped crying when they gave her to me though and I just rocked her for the next hour. They let us go after monitoring her for just 1 hour - her oxygen levels were perfect and she was back to her usual sweet, but stubborn self. They had given her a few popsicles to make sure that she could swallow and not only would she not let me hold it and help her (she had to hold it herself), but she also would not let go to trade hands with the popsicle when I was trying to get her dressed. So we ended up leaving the hospital with only one arm in her shirt and jacket and a blanket wrapped around the "popsicle arm" to keep her as warm as possible. She had the popsicle finished when we got back to my parents house to pick up Piper, but she still would not let go of the stick - instead she just grabbed the other popsicle with the other hand. As frustrating it is to me at times that my kids can be so stubborn, it is SO nice to see Paige being so headstrong, because I know she is "back to normal". So many prayers were answered this morning - thank you to all of you for your prayers!

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Jennifer Small said...

I'm so glad you are home. I bet you need a nap. I wish I was closer so I could help you out more.