Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oregon @ USC

I mentioned that the kids were in California with their dad this weekend. Well - Frank got tickets to the Oregon football game for him and Miles - and if you know Miles, you know he was looking forward to the game even more than Disneyland and the beach. Oregon won 53-32 - and for anyone who isn't following football - for the first time ever, Oregon was ranked #1 in the BCS polls earlier this year (I think they are #2 right now in the BCS, but other polls still have them as #1)- they are still undefeated!!! Here are a few pictures that they sent me from the game.
I had to throw this one in for old times sake. This was Miles's first Ducks game - at Autzen stadium (Autzen stadium is the funnest place to watch a game, but always has lousy weather - notice the rain jacket). He was sooooo excited!!!
Miles and his dad before the game tonight.
If Miles looks a bit tired here, he probably is. The game didn't get over until after 10:00 our time and Miles is my early bird - he is usually up before 6 am, so he usually goes to bed around 8:00. But he wouldn't have missed that game for anything! GO DUCKS!!!


Sara said...

That's awesome! Great game to see and must have been fun to be a Duck fan there. Pierce will be so jealous.

Michele Alger said...

How fun that he got to go! Even better is that they WON!!! WOO HOO OREGON DUCKS!!