Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Christmas Tree

I figured if I could post about Halloween in December, then I should be able to post about Christmas in January. Well - it has been a tradition to cut down our own Christmas Tree every year, so I decided to keep up that tradition this year. However, I did have to ask for help (I am starting to get quite good at it now:)), and my dad came with us. In the past we have spent hours tromping through the forest in search of the "perfect tree" - this year, not so long. Paige and Piper were with us - so our search was a radius a quick jog back the car to see if they were still asleep. Turns out, I only made one trip back to check on them before I see my dad and Ethan carring the tree back to the car - I think my dad cut the first one he saw. It turned out to be the "perfect tree" though - It was by far my favorite of any of our past tree's, inperfections and all. Thanks Dad for your help - I would not have even attempted it by myself.

Not real great lighting for this picture, but here is the tree decorated. Last year my grandma gave me the best present ever, she hand tatted me snowflakes for a tree, they are all different and so intricate. It was a simple tree, but like I said earlier - my favorite of all past tree's.

I had to include a picture of our house as well. When I was a girl, my favorite part of Thanksgiving was decorating for Christmas outside with my dad. Well, my parents don't put up as many lights as they used to, so when I called to ask if I could borrow some of their old rice lights, this is what happened. First, my dad told me he needed to prune the tree's first (yes, we are in a rental, but my dad tends to forget this (he also laid sod in the backyard this fall)) so he came over and spent all day up in the tree's. Then, he called my grandpa, (who is 90 next month) and together they "built me a tree" - I really wanted to do a green tree and a red tree, but the red tree was lopsided, so they took branches they cut off the green tree and tied them up to the red tree to make a great tree. So anyway, the project I thought I started, turned out that my dad ended up doing most of it (I put the lights on the red tree, Dad did the rest). It was so fun to come home at night and see my house lit up - thanks Dad and Opa!


Brittany said...

awww your house is cute Heidi!

Toshia said...

I'm so glad you found me on FB! I am sitting here amazed at your family;) Last time I saw you was when you had only one little babe in tow, looks like you've been busy! Congrats and the beautiful kids.

The Malcom Family said...

It sounds like Christmas was great! I can't believe your Grandpa is that old, he still looks pretty good when I have seen him. I enjoyed running into you at Wal-mart. When you have a free minute I would love to get together. Maybe when your not so busy with school. When it warms up lets take the kids to the park or they can even play out back at my house. We have a huge swing set and sand box. Lets plan on it ok! I am glad your doing good, please let me know if you need something, I am always willing to help! Laura!