Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Happy Day, Mama"

Well - I'm "one year older and wiser too" today.  At least I hope I am wiser - this past year has given me plenty of opportunities to grow in the wisdom department.  The kids sang happy birthday to me this morning and then I got to listen to Piper chant the rest of the day "Happy Day, Mama!"  WhenI got to school - a few of my students came in during first period to interview me for the school paper - one of the questions they asked was when my birthday was.  So - all of my classes were made aware that today was my birthday and I got sang to in every class (some were a lot more musically inclined than others:).  My biggest surprise of the day was when I picked the girls up from Miss Amy's house.  They had helped Miss Amy bake me a cake - yes, Abby had told Miss Amy that it was my birthday and she helped the girls bake me a cake (Abby told me she even got to crack the eggs).  They were all so proud of the cake - which led to a few tantrums because there was only one cake and 3 girls who each wanted to carry it.  I finally got two of the three to pose for a picture - Piper was still upset that Abby carried the cake instead of her.

My visiting teachers stopped by with a present and then we were off to a soccer practice before meeting my parents for dinner and cake at David's house in Hurricane.  Emily had made my favorite cake - carrot cake - and then as I was leaving she sent us home with another whole cake that she had made.  So I get to eat birthday cake for at least a week!  As I was getting the kids in bed - another knock at the door and my good friends Laura, J'Neal and Marcel had come by with a present as well.  Then - after kids were down, I turned on the computer and had 40+ happy birthday messages.  What a great day!  Thanks all!

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Christelle said...

I'm happy you had a great birthday. I wish I could have come by. I'm sorry I didn't come this summer. I just couldn't drive the whole way by myself and Tyler didn't have any vacation days yet. Hopefully, next summer I'll be over the driving phobia and if not, well, at least Tyler will have vacation time and he's a great chauffeur :)