Wednesday, August 17, 2011


OK, so the day I have been dreading for more than 2 years has finally come.  I had to leave my babies all day long - and not with family.  I really, really like the lady that we chose for daycare (that is why I chose her) - but it still makes me super sad that she gets to spend the day with my girls and I don't.  The first day was rough, the second day was even worse - Piper's eyes were swollen from crying when I picked her up that second day.  Can I just say right here - I really, really hate that I have to work!  I guess I don't hate working, just leaving the kids - wish I could have made it until they were all in school before I started working.  Anyway, enough of the pity party, I know that there are tons of people that have to leave their kids and I am sure they don't like it any more than I do.  Back to daycare - a miracle happened today, as does very often when my prayers are a desperate as they have been lately - the girls all had a WONDERFUL day with Miss Amy.  Piper only cried twice (down from all day yesterday) and was consolable when she did.  Paige cried just when I left but only for a minute - and Abby loves daycare (it might have something to do with 3 dogs).  Along with the happy news that the girls did so well today- Miss Amy also gave me a great present - she had taken pictures of the girls throughout the day and printed them out on a cute card for me.  I am so thankful for her thoughtfulness - I know she is taking great care of my kids, but she also understands that it has been pretty hard for me and she was able to share some of what they are doing all day with me.  Here is the nice card.

The girls are smiling!!!  (It is sometimes hard to tell with Piper - but she is definitely doing her "cheese" smile - the one where she closes her eyes).  I knew it would take a while for the girls to adjust to daycare, and I am sure that there will be rough days again in the future, but it is getting easier for me and for them.  I am trying really hard to count my blessings - and I am extremely grateful for a job, especially in this economy (and especially one that has such great health benefits) - I just wish at times that I could take my kids with me to work. :)  I've got tons more to post about, but I have to run finish a lesson plan right now - I promise to anyone still following this blog that I will catch you up on all that has happened lately - SOON.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Often is is harder on the parents than the kids. We just recently started putting Victor down for bed crying (SCREAMING!) when he wasn't going down with our help, and he screams for 30 40 minutes before he calms down and tires himself out. And it's not easy listening to him go through that. This weekend we are going to try to let him cry it out during the night too. (Cross your fingers)
If anyone's kids are going to great in Daycare it's yours. Remember they have some of your STRONG personality in them, so hang in there, I bet it gets better.


The Hojnackes said...

When I had Ashley in daycare it was the hardest thing for me to leave her every day (and she loved it!). Hang in there!

Jennifer said...

You are amazing! You are definitely doing all of this for your kids and you are a great mom, your kids are proof of that. Sorry that it has to be so hard.