Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pinewood Derby

OK - it is too overwhelming to even think about catching up on all the posts I should have written the past 4 months - so I am just going to start posting on current events - hopefully I will still have time to catch up on the missing months, but if not - here is what we are up to now.

PINEWOOD DERBY - and yes, I have two cubscouters now.

The boys have been so excited about their cars this year - me - not so excited. I can still remember how sore my hands were from chiseling out the bottom of the last pinewood derby car to put the weights on - so instead of just getting the inevitable out of the way - I procrastinated long enought that I thought I could just talk the boys into gluing money on top of the car instead of the weight on bottom. Not so - both cars had weights chiseled into the bottom of their cars - but before you think that I am the unselfish mom who would put my kids needs before my own - I need to THANK my dad for helping the boys with their cars. In fact - I did very little this year - I also need to thank John Fontano for helping the boys cut out their cars (and Miles went with a really funky shape this year - it couldn't have been easy to cut). I helped the boys sand and paint them ( you will notice the simple paint jobs - no time for frills) - and then my dad helped them with the weights (yes - he was willing to chisel) and the wheels and axles. They were both super excited about their cars - neither car was a winner - but they both had fun and I was pretty impressed myself with how fast they did go.

Here are a few pictures of the proud scouts.

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Sara said...

Pinewood Derby's are so fun! (Especially since Pierce's car won last year and I decided I did not need to worry anymore about how he would feel about not winning.) Your boys look good (and big!) in their uniforms :)